Parlement - Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

“The architectural clash between a rich past and striking modernity becomes the defining inspiration. When apparent opposites meet, a new dynamism is created.”

The parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, located in Brussels, is a complicated architectural complex spread over two buildings of vastly different styles - one modern and one neo-classical. The parliament is also frequented by different specific groups of users who demand different types of signage. Furthermore, the muddled signage was heavily dominate by overbearing security signs. Ekta collaborated with architect and town planner Quentin Gérard to simplify and streamline the way-finding and circulation throughout the buildings.

With typographers Matilde Guiot and Hannah Lamarti Ekta looked at the eclectic contrast within the architecture of the parliament, and transposed this dichotomy to a font that combines classicism and modernity, aesthetic and function.
The choice of materials for the made-to-measure signs follow through on that idea; the light wood and black lacquered metal again echo the architecture of the building.


Matilde Guiot & Hannah Lamarti (typographers)
Quentin Gérard (architect)
Stéphanie Roland (photographer)