Disegno 2018

Themes of craftsmanship and the physical act of designing run through the project, from the line of a pencil to the computer age.

Disegno 2018 - Mastery of Uncertainty: The Drawings of Architecture was an exhibition and colloquium exploring design, control, draughtsmanship, productivity and architecture. 

For the visual identity of the project Ekta delved into the place of drawing as a practice within architecture, and looked at different drawing devices, manual as well as electronic. A formal yet playful grid design structured the strong, impactful aesthetic and generated a series of poster variations.

Ekta also created the graphic design for the scenography and the catalogue, inspired by architecture notebooks and the codes of drawing.


Contrepoint Architecture (Scenography)

Julien Boucq, Ophélie Chassin, Morgan Dimnet & Quentin Hatry (Furniture design)