Le Delta

Cultures converge, people come together, ideas spread. A meeting point between different streams from different directions. Providing a new cultural flow for Namur.

After a complete refurbishment and important extension the Maison de la Culture de Namur needed a new name and graphic identity to properly reflect the new direction and mission statement of the organisation. The new building wants to be a welcoming place for relaxation and pleasure, where culture can be enjoyed without codes or affectation, but as an organic part of life.

The new name needed to embody the new ambitions, bind team and mission statement together, and be impactful on the collective mind of the citizens. With the input of staff, administrators and representatives of the Province, who contributed to the process in several work groups, the name Le Delta emerged, a reference to the geography, architecture, and the core values of the new building and its team.

Graphically the shape of the letter D mirrors the strong lines of the facade; a halo of rays symbolises the reach, multitude and diversity of activities. The simplicity of the design lends itself to a whole host of animations and graphic games, reinforcing the playful and creative character of the institution. 



Nakami Communication (Strategy)

Olivier Nyssen (Trainer)