KANAL Centre Pompidou

Reflecting the iconic building’s radical contemporaneity and industrial edge, the evolving website follows the different stages of its multi-layered transformation.

We created a website for KANAL – Centre Pompidou the international culture hub and contemporary art centre in the former Citroën buildings along the Brussels canal. The building and the institution it houses are going through a transitional period. Extensive refurbishing means the accessibility and layout of the public spaces is ever changing, with most of the building closed off during the building work, which also impacts KANAL’s artistic activities. Based on the brand guidelines by Coast Design, who designed the logo and typography font, the website had to correspond to the different stages of this process.

The design and atmosphere of the site, with its black background, clear readability and striking red/white/black colour palette, echo both the industrial architecture of the building and radical contemporary artistic programme of exhibitions, performances and other art events.

As with all our website design special attention was paid to make it seamlessly adapt to every device and screen ratio.  



Bien à vous (Web development)
Coast design (Branding)