La Pile

The bold choice for just one colour, electric blue, is both cost effective and provides the project with its radical edge.

La Pile is a collaborative project that aims to bring together citizens, companies, researchers and public institutions around the question of electricity. It wants to explore and develop alternative strategies for producing, stocking and distributing electricity in the face of future energy challenges. How can we make electricity more intelligent, renewable, transparent, local and economically and socially sustainable?

Ekta was charged with the visual identity of the project, printed and digital communication, and the graphics for the launch exhibition at the BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. The name of the project became the starting point for the visual identity, built around a strong logo and the use of a single colour, (electric) blue. The dynamic and easily adaptable logo was inspired by the shape of a battery (‘pile’). The repetition of the letter ‘L’ mirrors its component parts, alternating discs of zinc and copper. These dynamic vertical lines, varied for different media in direction and thickness, are instantly recognisable.

Scenographer Martial Prévert and illustrator Fanny Monier came on board for the scenography of the exhibition, where the key challenge was to make the huge volume of (often very complicated) information accessible and digestible for a large audience. The exhibition furniture was made out of wood, not only for ecological reasons, but also to make it easy to break down and mount the traveling exhibition tin different locations.


Fanny Monier (Illustration)

Martial Prévert (Scenography)

Variable (Web development)



© photo Emily Ann Smith