Janus is the multi-faced god of transitions - Janue wants to change the face(s) of fashion. Meaning is created on the boundary between you and a piece of clothing.

Ekta was asked to create a visual identity for a new, unnamed fashion label. The label’s multidisciplinary approach combines art history research, philosophy and literature with the study of fabrics, textiles and embroidery, breaking down the barriers between fashion, art and academic research. Each collection is the poetic realisation of an extensive piece of research.

At the end of a process of reflexion and discussions with the two founders, artistic directors Céline Van Den Bossche and Martha Verleyen the studio chooses the name ‘Janue’, a reference to Janus, the Roman god with two faces. He is the guardian of passages and doors and the god of change and transition, reflecting the brand’s willingness to be a force for change in the way we think about, create and consume fashion.

By changing the S to E the name acquires a poetic sound, while keeping the references to mythology as a lyric echo. The symbol is a reinterpretation of the representation of Janus as a god with two gender neutral faces, looking in opposite directions.