Hunting and Collecting

A strong, clear aesthetic that also allows a wide array of brands with diverging aesthetics and identities to shine.

Hunting and Collecting is a Brussels based boutique and platform founded by Aude Gribomont and offers fashion, footwear, accessories, design objects, and press dedicated to modern culture. Hunting and Collecting actively participates in cultural manifestations such as art and design exhibitions, fashion events, parties and nightlife.

The challenge of designing a Hunting and Collecting website was to create a strong individual identity without infringing on the wide variety of styles and aesthetics of the more than 30 brands selected by the boutique.

The choice for the linear Helvetica font, forceful but fine lines combined with soft pastel colours gives the organising grid its power. At the same time the sobriety and contemporaneity of the design allow the imagery and visual identity of each brand to take the spotlight.



Bien à vous (Web development)