Ensemble la Française

Docere, delectare, movere

Inspired by Cicero’s eloquent motto, the ensemble la Française aims to share its knowledge of and taste for Rocaille art – an underappreciated art, sometimes controversial but nonetheless fascinating. This chamber music ensemble led by the artist and architect Aude Lestienne has become captivated by the sensitivity, grace and fantasy of this artistic current from the tail-end of the French Baroque. 

For the branding, Ekta used and reinterpreted pictorial material from the Baroque period. The exaggerated movement underlines the musicality and organic spirit of this music. The use of motion allows us to visualise a certain idea of sound by taking traditional codes and modernising them at the same time.

The use of a bold main typography and the sensitive design of the monogram support the aesthetics of this French rocaille period.